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Founded in 2002, the US-Algeria Business Council (USABC) is one of the most prominent and active bilateral business associations operating in Washington, DC. The USABC is a non-profit non-governmental business association composed of Algerian and US companies.

The USABC accomplishes its mission of promoting trade between the United States and Algeria by organizing sector-specific symposia on topics of interest to our members, hosting events featuring Algerian and US officials, and promoting our members products and services through customized matchmaking initiatives.

The creation of the USABC was the result of an Algerian and US business initiative. In 2002, several prominent US and Algerian companies created the Council to fulfill three objectives: to promote the diversification of US-Algeria trade to contribute to the existing trade between the two countries; to orient US companies seeking opportunities in Algeria; and to compliment the trade promotion activities of both governments. Nearly all of the founding members of the USABC remain active today and have played a key role in upgrading the Council to its new level of operations and service.

In August 2004 the USABC expanded its operations to include a trilingual staff of trade experts dedicated to facilitating US-Algeria trade. Since 2004 the Council has more than tripled its number of members, vastly increased its membership services, and has risen in its prominence as a reputable and fair non-profit business association.

The US-Algeria Business Council is a membership-driven organization. The strategic vision and the activities of the USABC are determined by the USABC Board of Directors which is composed fully of USABC members. The USABC Board of Directors consists of executives from prominent US Fortune 500 companies and their Algerian counterparts. USABC Board Members represent a variety of sectors and work together in coalitions to achieve positive results in trade policy.

Membership in the USABC is open to US and Algerian companies seeking opportunities in US-Algeria trade. USABC membership levels range from corporate membership to board membership. Contact the USABC today to learn how the USABC team can help you achieve your business objectives.

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