The US-Algeria trade relationship is dynamic and each year the trade volume between the two countries increases. One of the most labor-intense and lucrative sectors of US-Algeria trade is agribusiness. Annually the US-Algeria Business Council organizes trade missions to increase partnerships in this sector.



February 8-15, 2014 - Tulare, CA, U.S.A.

On February 8-15, 2014, the US-Algeria Business Council and the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC, will host the Algerian Agribusiness Delegation at the Tulare World Ag Expo.

This study mission will be an opportunity for Algerian executives in the agribusiness sector to meet with their US counterparts to transfer technology and find new avenues of collaboration. the World Ag Expo is the world’s largest expo featuring agricultural technology.




April 30-May 3, 2012 - Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

On April 30, 2012, the US-Algeria Business Council and the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC, hosted the Algerian Buyers Mission to the Food Marketing Institute Show at the International Convention center in Dallas, Texas. This was the second Algerian trade mission to the FMI Show. The first was organized by the USABC in 2005 to the FMI Show in Chicago, Illinois.

The Algerian delegation was composed of food importers, farm suppliers, meat importers, and wholesalers. During four busy days the Algerian delegation toured the expo sampling new products destined for overseas markets and witnessing new marketing techniques to increase sales in all markets. This year, the FMI Show featured numerous halal meat exporters in addition to a very large base of vegetable and fruit exporters.

Algeria imports several thousand tons of US grown and processed food each year. Algeria recognizes the quality of US goods and is actively seeking US partners to develop their local food production to increase the export of Algerian products. If you have an agricultural product you would like to distribute on the Algerian market, please contact the US-Algeria Business Council and let us put you in touch with our network of buyers reaching all corners of Algeria and beyond.

The quality of Algerian alimentary products has been recognized as exports of Algerian food products grow to include dates, couscous, olive oil, spring water, snack foods, grain products, and spices. If you are seeking quality Algerian food products for import into the United States, please contact the US-Algeria Business Council and let us put you in touch with our network of growers and exporters in Algeria.



November 27- December 3 - Central Valley, CA, U.S.A.

On November 27 to December 5, 2011, the US-Algeria Business Council and the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC, hosted the 2011 US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission to the Central Valley, California.  This semi-annual trade mission matches Algerian buyers with California producers.  Starting in San Francisco and traveling the length of the Central Valley, the trade mission was an intensive firsthand look at the latest agricultural technology and US-grown high quality products. 

The 2011 US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission started with visits to University of California at Berkeley and Sanford University. H.E. Ambassador Baali travelled to San Francisco to welcome the delegates at a reception and dinner in Palo Alto, California.  Many of the visits and meetings during the Central Valley portion of this trade mission were organized by the Economic Development Corporation of King’s County. The USABC delegation was warmly received at farms, factories and orchards throughout the Valley. 

The  US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission is one of our most popular activities among our Algerian members, and this year’s participation was no exception.  This year’s delegation of two dozen Algerian agro-industrialists and importers included the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Saida and the former Governor of the Wilaya of Oran.  Many sales were made and with this activity, we positively impacted US-Algeria trade. 



March 21-30, 2010     Central Valley, CA, U.S.A.

In October In March 2010, the USABC and the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC, hosted the 2010 USABC Agribusiness Trade Mission to Central California. The 2010 USABC Agribusiness Trade Mission featuring over two dozen Algerian businessmen. 

Aimed at increasing cooperation and trade between US and Algerian companies in agribusiness sector, the trade mission featured visits to dairy farms, factories, laboratories and universities.

Supporting organizations for the 2010 USABC Agribusiness Trade Mission included the Kings' County Economic Develelopment Council, the Fresno State Cluster and USABC Members World Wide Sires and ICTEX. This was the most recent of nearly one dozen agribusiness trade missions the USABC has hosted. 



October 3-9, 2010      Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

In October 2009, the USABC and the Embassy of Algeria, in Washington, DC, organized a large Study & Trade Mission to the 2009 Pack Expo in Las Vegas. This activity was designed to facilitate new contacts for Algerian companies buying new packaging systems and to learn how packing techniques can help Algerian products reach American consumers.

The objective of this trade mission was to increase US-Algeria trade through the application of new marketing and packaging techniques. The Pack Expo of Las Vegas is the world’s largest and most prestigious trade fair event focused on packaging, processing and marketing.

During the four days of the Expo the USABC delegates met with the world’s top packaging producers in all domains including pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, bulk items, consumer electronics, clothing and jewelry, telecommunications, cosmetics and beauty, caning and freezing, transportation, and snack foods.


2008 US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission
October 21-31, 2008        Wisconsin - Iowa - California

On October 21-31, 2008 the US-Algeria Business Council and the Algerian Embassy, in Washington, DC, hosted the 2008 US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission. With the support of the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of State, the US Embassy in Algeria and the Algerian Embassy in the United States, the USABC maximized the Algerian delegate’s exposure to three of the key states involved in the US agricultural export market.

Over nearly two weeks, the US-Algeria Business Council and its delegation of 34 Algerian agribusiness men traveled to three states and visited dozens of US companies. Touring Wisconsin, Iowa and California in the harvest season was a beautiful opportunity to see the production stage of several of the key crops that are exported to Algeria. The delegates benefited from the opportunity to see US technology and agricultural production firsthand, and this trade mission yielded new partnerships and contracts for US and Algerian companies. At each stop the Algerian delegates were warmly received and the US companies were eager to discuss opportunities for trade and cooperation.

The Trade Mission started in the state of Wisconsin with a focus on dairy production. The Algerian delegation visited several dairies and farms of varying sizes. In addition to several private farms, the delegation also visited the US Department of Agriculture Forage Research Laboratory a working farm currently conducting experiments on different varieties of livestock feed and its relationship to milk production. In Wisconsin the group was accompanied by an American dairy expert who spent four years managing a large dairy farm in Algeria. His insights and expertise were helpful as the Algerians planned to start their own dairy farms. After seeing the equipment in action at the farms, the delegates visited two US dairy equipment manufactures currently exporting from the United States. Negotiations are under way to have these brands represented and distributed locally in Algeria by the delegates.

From Wisconsin, the delegates traveled to Iowa to visit the city of Elkader, named after Emir Abdelkader. The USABC delegation was warmly received by the Mayor of the City of Elkader and the members of the Sister Cities Elkader-Mascara Committee at the Schera’s North Africa Restaurant. Commercial visits in Iowa focused on farm machinery and wheat and corn production. One of the highlights of the Iowa tours was visiting a barge loading station for the transport of grain on the Mississippi River. Iowa is one of the richest agricultural states in the United States and its special connection to Algeria through the Sister Cities program of Elkader, Iowa and Mascara, Algeria made it a very special destination for the Algerian delegates.

Following the tour of Iowa the delegates traveled to California to visit nut and dried fruit manufacturers, pulse, seed and grain cultivators, and to visit additional dairy installations. One of the leading dried fruit producers of California sought dried dates from the Algerian delegates. Negotiations have begun for the export of containers of Algerian dates to the United States. In Tulare County, the delegates visited one of the largest dried milk plants in the United States and placed orders for several thousand tons of US dried milk. One of the highlights of the California tours was the visit to a livestock genetics company. This company exports sire semen across the world to increase milk production through the introduction of superior genetic material. The Algerian delegates had seen numerous dairy cows sired through this company in their tours in Wisconsin and California. Sitting down with the company’s executives in Visalia, California helped the delegates to learn the science behind superior milk production. These introductions will be the cornerstone in the delegates’ projects to launch large-scale dairy farms in Algeria.

The progress of the 2008 US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission paralleled the harvest and transformation of US corn. In Wisconsin we watched the combiners harvest corn at night and saw the stripped fields by day. In Iowa we saw this corn loaded onto barges for the slow trip down the Mississippi and in California we saw this corn unloaded at mills where it was dried and crushed for livestock feed. The livestock corn meal was given to the cows at each dairy farm we visited and its nutrients contributed to the high quality cheese and powdered milk the delegates viewed at several dairies in Wisconsin, Iowa and California. From the harvest to the tasty cheese, the delegates on the US-Algeria Agribusiness Trade Mission completed the cycle of the American farm. The response to the visit of the Algerian delegates from the US companies was very positive. Several of the US business executives have already planned their trip to Algeria to continue negotiations.


2008 US-Algeria Citrus Study Tour
May 30 - June 2, 2008       Florida, U.S.A.

On May 30 - June 2, 2008 the US-Algeria Business Council and the Algerian Embassy in Washington DC, hosted the 2008 US-Algeria Citrus Study Tour. The 2008 Citrus Study Tour featured visits to nurseries, US Department of Agriculture research laboratories, and processing plants in the famed citrus region of southern Florida.

One dozen Algerian buisnessmen particiapted in the 2008 US-Algeria Citrus Study Tour inlcuding representatives from: Algeria Trading Company of Mitidje (CATM), Nouvelle Conserverie Algerienne, PSG Algeria, Starfruits, Trefle Company and Vitajus.



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